The fast-changing scenario of the world today, which is governed by the Internet, explosion of knowledge, supported by research and discoveries, unforeseen emergencies and pandemics has compelled the education system for a complete change over. Thus, the role and responsibilities of the institutions, teachers, parents and students has changed and increased manifold.

The institutions are not mere power houses of knowledge now but are the training ground for future citizens of their nations and the world at large. A broader spectrum of aims and objectives have to be implemented. A teacher is more of a facilitator now, parents are guides and friends. The students are under tremendous pressure. Apart from academics and performance they have to learn skills based on logic & reasoning, that would help them face challenges and competitions in their social, vocational and personal lives specially in these, unstable global circumstances.

We, at Casterbridge School, are constantly trying to pave the way for the students to inculcate qualities that will help them embark smoothly and successfully, on their life's journey, but within the frame-work of our motto of moral uprightness, independence, innovation and excellence. We unhesitatingly seek parents cooperation and positive suggestions in this process.

Education is a never-ending process and we have to be sufficiently equipped to take on the challenges.
I wish all -- parents, teachers and students, success in all their endeavours. God bless.

Mrs. V. Sisodiya
Principal Casterbridge School